From our highly reviewed Goddess Awakening The Power of the Menstrual Cycle we are giving away four FREE meditations on the four phases of the menstrual cycle: Warrior, Creator, Sorceress, Oracle. The full 30 day course can be found in our shop

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Delve into the spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle by meditating with the four goddesseswith four FREE meditations from our highly reviewed 30 day meditation and insight based course Goddess Awakening: The Power of the Menstrual Cycle available on our website, Insight Timer and

1) Warrior Goddess Meditation (pre-ovulation): a chakra meditation to capatalize on the energised and focussed spiritual energies of this phase

2) Creator Goddess (ovulation) : affirmations with our naturally compassionate and nurturing energies, allowing us to create inspirational and heart-felt goals

3) Sorceress (pre-menstruation) meditate with our wild and unpredictable energies with a beautifully relaxing PMS guided visualisation.

4) Oracle (bleeding) Lets unearth the untapped spiritual visions, wisdom and insights with the goddess queen in a healing sisterhood.