Do you find your menstrual cycle a strain? Do you dread bleeding or PMS? We have become detached from the natural spiritual gifts of our menstrual cycle and can unearth and relearn how to reach our full potential as modern day cyclic women.

Reducing stress during menstruation through the lens of goddess archetypes can be achieved with our 30 day online meditation and insight based course. A spiritual perspective on periods starts with the Warrior, who greets us just after bleeding has finished. She is driven, energetic and logical. The Creator goddess during ovulation can bring goals into fruition and deepen relationships. The Sorceress, pre menstruation can be unpredictable, magical and wild if brought into the light. The Oracle during menstruation can be cherished when we learn to retreat and connect to divine feminine energy. Lets blast the taboo of periods and feel better through PMS by coming together in sisterhood. Getting to know our monthly cycles from a mystical and modern day perspective can be a transformative experience. We have strategies, meditations, guided visualisations, rituals and more in this comprehensive and heartfelt course.

Samantha Redgrave and Nicola Haslett from Aluna Moon are previous therapists and specialise in audios for women’s health. They have 3 million plays worldwide and feel passionate about women unleashing the untapped wisdom and power of their sacred feminine bodies.

Lesson 1: Reconnect with our Menstrual Cycles

Lesson 2: Meet the Sacred Warrior Within 

Lesson 3: The Warrior in the Light: Achieve Your Goals

Lesson 4: The Warrior in the Dark: Burn out and Perfectionism 

Lesson 5: Modern Day Strategies to Embrace the Warrior’s Energy 

Lesson 6: Meditate with the Warrior: Enliven & Exhilarate 

Lesson 7: Rituals to Honour the Sacred Warrior: An Offering to Goddess Lakshmi

Lesson 8: Meet the Creator Within

Lesson 9: The Creator in the Light: The Gift of Nurturing 

Lesson 10: The Creator in the Dark: Overworked and Overwhelmed

Lesson 11: Modern Day Strategies to Embrace the Creator’s Energy

Lesson 12: Meditate with the Creator: Centred in your Heart

Lesson 13: Rituals to Honour the Creator: An Oath

Lesson 14: Meet the Sorceress Within

Lesson 15: The Sorceress in the Light: Unleash your Wild Woman 

Lesson 16: The Sorceress in the Dark: Chaotic and Unpredictable

Lesson 17: Modern Day Strategies to Embrace the Sorceress’ Energy 

Lesson 18: PMS Healing Meditation

Lesson 19: Rituals to Honour the Sorceress: A Ceremony

Lesson 20: Meet the Oracle Within 

Lesson 21: The Oracle in the Light: Wise and Intuitive 

Lesson 22: The Oracle in the Dark: Withdrawn and Disconnected

Lesson 23: Modern Day Strategies to Embrace the Oracle’s Energy

Lesson 24: Oracle Meditation: Rest and Retreat

Lesson 25: Rituals to Honour the Oracle: Crystal Healing Meditation

Lesson 26: Putting it all Together

Lesson 27: New Moon Meditation: Set Your Intentions

Lesson 28: Full Moon Meditation

Lesson 29: The Power of Sisterhood

Lesson 30: Goddess Living Meditation