There are lots of beautiful sisters talking about about getting to know their menstrual cycle… who feel or hear the bellow… who rise involuntarily to the meaningful existence of this sacred wisdom…when and if you hear HER, run towards her with open arms.

I am Sam and alongside Nicola we want to take it even further with you. We are talking about actually healing our lives through the natural four stages of menstruation and how the goddess can transform the way we see ourselves and reawaken our truth.

We were therapists for many years and want to spread our knowledge and learnings. We have a period blog, a rent tent style of sisterhood, insights, mini meditations and more on our instagram page @alunamoontime. Join us there beautiful people to learn how you can heal your life through the lens of goddess archetypes.

Humbled to say our 30 day course Goddess Awakening: The Power of the Menstrual Cycle on @insighttimer has a supportive network of nearly 800 women who thrive on each other’s successes. With an average review of 4.93/5, we are just thrilled that women all across the world are coming together in circle and benefiting from this cyclic way of living. Much gratitude.

We are grateful for your support and you personal healing journey.

Sat Nam Sisters x