Shakti Self

Hi this is Sam from Aluna Moon, welcome and thanks for joining this circle today. I will keep it short but sweet so you can easily slot this into your day .. as this is Shakti for modern day living…hopefully I can humbly offer a drop of wisdom to your spiritual journey of true self living. I would love to talk to you about being your Shakti self. Shakti as lots of you already know is the divine feminine creative power or life force.


It is a pulsing, luminous, mystical energy… your bit of it is unique to you and holds your deepest truth, wisdom and soul purpose. Our ego or false self is full of thinking.. often in the form of better or worse than.. comparing and competing. I talk about this a lot in our course Master True Self Esteem so apologies if I am repeating myself BUT underneath our outer world mask we all have grown to wear so comfortably, and I always include myself in that…there is a beautiful raw power waiting to unleash itself. It even goes beyond a sense of peace and happiness… as really we all have the basic right to be peaceful and happy although I know lots of us aren’t in that place…. its so deeply sacred and blissful… so peeling back the layers of the false self can reveal this sacred art of living known as our Shakti self… where we are more in tune with the natural feminine beat of the universe and the natural world beneath our feet. Today to dip our toe into the infinite well of Shakti we are going to experience Shakti as our breath… if you are able to and it is safe for you to do so now or at some point later today sit with a straight spine, have a soft gaze and allow your breath to deepen slightly… be mindful of any tension in you mouth and jaw particularly… and allow your body to open a little… imagine the golden light of the goddess permeating your breath and as you breath in through our nose the light enters your body, you draw this energy down into your throat, into your chest and then filling up your stomach, igniting the energetic centres of your body as it does so… as you breath out you allow yourself to sink into this Shakti flow… continuing to breathe in this way for a few moments….

Going Deeper into this luminious golden Shakti energy as you breath her in:

You can say to yourself:

My breath is the breath of Shakti

My breath is sacred

My breath is life force energy

My breath guides me into my fullest, truest self

Allow your breathing to return to its natural rhythm knowing this Shakti breath is always here for you.

I hope you resonating with parts of this blog today and I hope to see you all again very soon. I wish you much love on your path to Shakti living. Sat Nam and bye for now…